Our Story


Our Origin

Joseph and Cedric met 4 years ago as the head of departments for a company that provide luxury services. 

Moving forward, these 2 passionate and like-minded individuals have decided to put what they have acquired and learnt these years to help businesses to innovate, transform and grow despite facing many challenges from the competitive economy. 

In 2017, ARC GROUP AND PARTNERS was born.

We Actualize your Concepts to deliver Results through Sales and Marketing Strategies

Our Mission

The Answer to Realizing Your Concepts  

By delivering a holistic and concise marketing strategy for your business  

We provide Sales and Marketing Management and getting involved in all verticals of your Revenue and Distribution Channel processes.  

We are not just any supplier or vendor, we are your business partner. Your success is our success thus we value your business just as you do. We will do all it takes to deliver the desired results.

Connecting you to the world for business, we are Sales and Marketing consultants

Our Vision


Connecting you to the WORLD

Singapore is a great springboard and market to begin with. And there are bigger market with stronger demands out there. We can help you to venture overseas, and open bigger and booming market.