About Us

Business Innovation, Transformation & Growth

We are a Project Management, Training and Consultancy Company. 

We provide business advisory, spearhead projects, also business coaching, training and workshops. 



Director | Lead Consultant

Bachelor (Hons) in Business Management

Sales & Business Dev. Professional with 10 years’ experience in creating revenue streams for different trades (4 years Management for luxury services)

FMCG | Lifestyle | Fitness & health | Spa & Wellness | Headhunter | Sole-Proprietor



- 110% increase in revenue over 3 months for client 

- 15-25% increase in revenue 2015-2016 for client

- Top new achiever in Real Estate 2009-2010


Areas of Expertise:

Strategic & Tactical Planning | Presentations | Customer insights & services

Business Development & Partnerships | Product Pricing Strategy | Membership program & policies | New Business Start-up | Revenue Forecasting | Marketing Planning & Execution | Business Transformation  |  Business Coaching | marketing management | business and management consultant



Director | Lead Innovator

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication | ACTA Certified | CAPM ® , PMI Certified

Business Development & Marketing Professional with 8 years’ experience (6 years in Management Roles) in training professionals, marketing brands & creating mulitple revenue streams for businesses 

Learning Institution | Lifestyle | Spa & Wellness | Productivity Centre | Facility Services

Achievements & Credentials   

-Setup and manage multiple businesses

-Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA)  

-Certified Corporate Trainer 

-MOE Registered Trainer 

-Certified Project Manager

-President of Prestigious Global Business Network Group

Areas of Expertise:

Corporate Strategy | Business Development | Management and Organization | Product Marketing | Digital Marketing | Brand Management | Project Management | Campaign Management | Learning Management System | Innovation and Productivity | Learning and Development |  Business Transformation  |  Business Coaching

marketing management - our team & affiliates

Brand Consultants | Influencers | Copywriters | SEM | Marketing Creative Producer | Website Designers | Corporate Lawyers | PMCs | Videographers & Photographers

To provide the highest level of service to you, we bring into the team, those with a " Entrepreneurship Spirit" & subject matter experts that are credible in their field of expertise. 


Richard Lua

Richard Lua is a passionate creative who has been in the field since the past 2 decades. In his career journey, Richard had harnessed experience in Print, Multimedia, Audio Visual, ATL & BTL Design, as well as managing Creative Events. Despite the taxing challenges, his hunger for creativity keeps him going, never stop seeking out for more innovative idea, always explore beyond the conventional trends. He is also the Creative Director and Founder of a marketing team.

Kenneth Chia

Kenneth Chia help brands find their voice in this rather noisy marketplace. A good brand story sticks; random ads and promotions don’t. Helmed by an award-winning creative team, our job is to translate every brand's purpose into relevant, purposeful and engaging content in the real world.

Josiah Jeremy

Group Director of 5 brands that cover the creative spectrum. Each specially designed to solve problems to that we commonly see in our partners and clients when growing their businesses. 230,000 followers across the globe with 1.3 million impressions created per week. 

Chan Kwan Hong


Kwan Hong is a Certified Productivity Consultant. He is one of the core group of consultants extensively trained by Singapore and Japan Productivity Centres to raise productivity of enterprises. Under his belt, he has completed more than 50 projects involving quality improvement, cycle time reduction, resource optimization and service improvement. In one project, he reduced processing time by 80% and manpower by 33%, with significantly better quality output.

Linda Tay


Linda is passionate about entrepreneurship and ensuring that the new companies she assists to set up is on the right track with proper procedures in place. 

Her company specializes in company formation in various jurisdictions, accounting and taxation right down to value added services such as payroll and human resource practices. Her team of advisors and professionals have jointly handled more than 1,000 cases since its inception.